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7.22.17 Fitness on the Rocks- Colorado

State boarders can’t stop me! I am taking my Michigan representation on the road and bringing Pure Michigan to the Mile High City! My family and I are in Colorado for the summer and I am doing the bulk of my fitness training here, just like the Olympic Athletes.  I am sponsored by Pure Barre, Belmar, Orange Theory Fitness; Littleton and Highlands Ranch, Fit36; Highlands Ranch and Camp Gladiator; Littleton.  These fitness giants have come together to give me the most intense summer training I could hope for.  I have never worked so hard and I am loving every minute of it.  The stress of moving the household across the country, straddling two states and preparing for the competition of a life time was really getting to me.  I was full of doubt and fear- not the place you want to be going into competition.  So I did what I know works for me; I dove into training.  One, two or even three classes a day (just the one time, that was bananas).  It wasn’t long before I started feeling like myself again.  I pushed until I got past the nonsense in my head.  I pushed until I lost the human side that was weighing me down and became a machine.  A sweaty, sore machine.  Then I slept for an entire day.  I just needed a reboot.  I am so grateful for my Colorado summer fitness sponsors.

So when Orange Theory asked me to rep for them at Fitness on the Rocks, I jumped at the chance!  My hubby and I headed to Red Rocks and talked to people about my training and about Orange Theory.  I did some Zumba and we had an amazing time together. It is always such a fun event and I love how my husband is getting into my hobbies.


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