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7.30.17 Mutt Strut 5k and Dog Yoga

I loaded up the kids and the pup and headed to the Boulder County Fair for the Mutt Strut 5k and Dog Yoga benefiting Max Fund Adoption Center.  Rosie, our rescue pup, did her first 5k! The kids were awesome and my stepson even ran ahead and finished ten minutes before us.  The dog yoga was a hoot.  We we doing downward dog- with our dogs!  Then they showed us how to do doggy massage.  So our dog got to socialize with lots of other dogs, walk a 5k, got a Paw Bender custard and then got a massage.  All to benefit a worthy cause.  It was an awesome day.

I love when supporting animal rescues can involve my family.  It’s so important to me to show them my service work so they learn to give back.  Thanks for the invite, Camp Gladiator!

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7.22.17 Fitness on the Rocks- Colorado

State boarders can’t stop me! I am taking my Michigan representation on the road and bringing Pure Michigan to the Mile High City! My family and I are in Colorado for the summer and I am doing the bulk of my fitness training here, just like the Olympic Athletes.  I am sponsored by Pure Barre, Belmar, Orange Theory Fitness; Littleton and Highlands Ranch, Fit36; Highlands Ranch and Camp Gladiator; Littleton.  These fitness giants have come together to give me the most intense summer training I could hope for.  I have never worked so hard and I am loving every minute of it.  The stress of moving the household across the country, straddling two states and preparing for the competition of a life time was really getting to me.  I was full of doubt and fear- not the place you want to be going into competition.  So I did what I know works for me; I dove into training.  One, two or even three classes a day (just the one time, that was bananas).  It wasn’t long before I started feeling like myself again.  I pushed until I got past the nonsense in my head.  I pushed until I lost the human side that was weighing me down and became a machine.  A sweaty, sore machine.  Then I slept for an entire day.  I just needed a reboot.  I am so grateful for my Colorado summer fitness sponsors.

So when Orange Theory asked me to rep for them at Fitness on the Rocks, I jumped at the chance!  My hubby and I headed to Red Rocks and talked to people about my training and about Orange Theory.  I did some Zumba and we had an amazing time together. It is always such a fun event and I love how my husband is getting into my hobbies.

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7.9.17 Family Volunteerism at the State

So my mama comes to town and I make her volunteer.  Sounds about right.  She wanted to see what my Michigan life is like, so I showed her! My life is based in service and so I took her with me to volunteer at the State theatre.  The State is almost entirely volunteer run and I volunteer in crown and sash to call attention to the awesome organization and volunteer opportunities available.

That is the point of wearing the official garb, right? To bring attention and awareness? Some of the volunteering I do in crown and sash probably isn’t typical (cosplay anyone?), but I feel that the crown is a spotlight that I have the ability to shine on things that make my community and the world a better place.  I do the things I do because they make me a better person, it contributes to my community and it creates a kinder world to live in.  By doing these things in my full regalia, I am encouraging others to do the same and also calling attention to opportunities of which many people are not aware.  Like volunteering at the historic State Theatre.  Thanks for being a great sport, mom!