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9.24.17 Race for a Cure with DND Alumni

One of the first team events I ever did with the Denver Nuggets Dancers was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, back in 2000!  The alumni coordinators invited all the alumni back to participate again this year.  I love these ladies.  What a great group of women.  I was so happy to meet up with them and wish them well on their race.  However, I choose not to participate because I do not donate to Susan G. Komen.  I believe our donation dollars have power and we need to put them behind organizations doing the most good.  I do not feel the use of donations or the salary structure of the Susan G. Komen organization is a good use of my donation, and I feel that directing that money to better organizations can send a message that we demand better accountability.

Where ever you put your money, make sure it reflects your own ethics and goals.  Each dollar is like a vote of confidence.  We have the power to shape our society by where we choose to spend our consumer dollars.

A lifelong goal of mine is to create a “Cruelty Free” label for meat and animal products, so that our consumer dollars can change the marketplace towards a kinder, more humane process.  I believe the only way to change an industry is through buying power and if we can create enough of a financial motivation for things to change, they will.

Be smart with your money, but no matter how I feel about this particular organization- I support the survivors and the families affected by breast cancer.  You are all working for the good and I applaud you!

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7.22.17 Fitness on the Rocks- Colorado

State boarders can’t stop me! I am taking my Michigan representation on the road and bringing Pure Michigan to the Mile High City! My family and I are in Colorado for the summer and I am doing the bulk of my fitness training here, just like the Olympic Athletes.  I am sponsored by Pure Barre, Belmar, Orange Theory Fitness; Littleton and Highlands Ranch, Fit36; Highlands Ranch and Camp Gladiator; Littleton.  These fitness giants have come together to give me the most intense summer training I could hope for.  I have never worked so hard and I am loving every minute of it.  The stress of moving the household across the country, straddling two states and preparing for the competition of a life time was really getting to me.  I was full of doubt and fear- not the place you want to be going into competition.  So I did what I know works for me; I dove into training.  One, two or even three classes a day (just the one time, that was bananas).  It wasn’t long before I started feeling like myself again.  I pushed until I got past the nonsense in my head.  I pushed until I lost the human side that was weighing me down and became a machine.  A sweaty, sore machine.  Then I slept for an entire day.  I just needed a reboot.  I am so grateful for my Colorado summer fitness sponsors.

So when Orange Theory asked me to rep for them at Fitness on the Rocks, I jumped at the chance!  My hubby and I headed to Red Rocks and talked to people about my training and about Orange Theory.  I did some Zumba and we had an amazing time together. It is always such a fun event and I love how my husband is getting into my hobbies.