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8.6.17 Mrs. America Send Off Party

Splitting my time between two states can often lead to feeling like I don’t have a home base.  My Colorado friends reminded me that roots help me reach higher.  I had some of my friends from my first pageants come together (along with new friends) to give me an official and sparkly send off to Mrs. America! We had such a positive day with great food, for what is widely considered my last meal, and I feel so supported and encouraged.  I am so grateful for my sisters, my friends and my family.  What a great way to finish up my Colorado training.

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7.15.17 Kingsley Heritage Parade

My second year in the Kingsley Heritage Parade, and of course I was on foot and in heels because “Girls can do anything, and we can do it in heels!”.  I love these parades where I am able to stop and take photos and meet the people in my community.  At the slower pace of walking, I am able to say my little phrase repeatedly and it is always well received.  Women connect to it and respond with such enthusiasm and encouragement that it really affirms the message itself.  Women are asked and expected to be on par with all aspects of being a man, work/family/finances/fitness/etc, but we also have ridiculous appearance demands we are expected to meet and make look effortless at the same time. We have to do it all and in heels.

Whether you are a beauty queen in 5″ platforms, or a working mom in a matching track suit, you had to put thought into your appearance today.  We all do.  Some of you may know the exact mom uniform to which I just referred.  Even on the playground, moms are judged by how well we are put together.  I call attention to this cultural norm in my catch phrase because I want to remind women that just because we are taking on the world and doing in while constantly working on ourselves, doesn’t mean we can’t do it.  We can rock the boardroom and the classroom.  We can be everything we want to be.  It is a lot.  It is overwhelming.  And yes, it is exhausting.  But we can do it. We can find balance and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to be Wonder Women.

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7.14.17 Gaylord Alpenfest

One of my favorite events, the Gaylord Alpenfest is the highlight of the year in our little Alpen village of Gaylord.  Last year my family attended and I befriended the queen, Kelly, and her court.  I saw these girls at events throughout the year and they even watched me compete for Ms. America online.  The did such a great job representing our community, it was a real honor to see them crown the next court.  The pageant was beautifully executed, once again.  The whole event is just so much fun, and I was honored to be recognized during the show.

Despite the fact that TWO people took phone calls during the competition (yes two- and older gentlemen at that! I thought that generation had better manners), it was a great event top to bottom.  I got teary at the Queen’s farewell, only because she made me so proud over the last year.  Good luck to you girls, out-going and in-coming.  Life has so much more to bring you.  Be ready for the next adventure!

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As you all know, cosplay is a big part of our family fun.  As a strong woman and builder of strong women, I of course love Wonder Woman. I love that she is starring in a huge box office movie, I love that it was directed by a woman, and I love, love, loved the movie.

The WW premier was also the launch of my new sponsorship relationship with Magic Mirror Costume Shop.  They outfitted my family to celebrate this milestone movie and I am so excited for all the cosplay to come!

I know it’s hard to find family fun things to do, so I really want to encourage you to dress up! Every activity is better with costumes.  Every.  Single. One.  Try it!

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Welcome to my year as Mrs. Michigan

I first got into pageantry when I saw the Mrs. American Pageant on television in 2005.  I entered Mrs. Colorado America the following year and have been trying to get to that Mrs. America Pageant ever since! It took over ten years- but this August I will finally be competing for the title of Mrs. America!

Winning Mrs. Michigan was a dream come true and I have big plans for my year.  I hope to use my new title to get my children’s story published.  My book, “Pitty the Bully”, helps kids identify bullying behaviors in themselves and learn to solve their problems with positive choices.  Its a story I developed as part of my Bully Prevention Program for elementary schools.

I am continuing my work with animal rescues as well as my All-American Starz Dance Team.  Kids and furry creatures are near and dear to my heart and I can’t wait to use my new title to help and give hope.  A special thank you to Mr. Michigan, my husband, Will Froehlich.  Without him, none of this would be possible.  The best is yet to come!