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7.9.17 Family Volunteerism at the State

So my mama comes to town and I make her volunteer.  Sounds about right.  She wanted to see what my Michigan life is like, so I showed her! My life is based in service and so I took her with me to volunteer at the State theatre.  The State is almost entirely volunteer run and I volunteer in crown and sash to call attention to the awesome organization and volunteer opportunities available.

That is the point of wearing the official garb, right? To bring attention and awareness? Some of the volunteering I do in crown and sash probably isn’t typical (cosplay anyone?), but I feel that the crown is a spotlight that I have the ability to shine on things that make my community and the world a better place.  I do the things I do because they make me a better person, it contributes to my community and it creates a kinder world to live in.  By doing these things in my full regalia, I am encouraging others to do the same and also calling attention to opportunities of which many people are not aware.  Like volunteering at the historic State Theatre.  Thanks for being a great sport, mom!

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4.30.17 Mrs. Michigan 2017 Pageant


I love competing! Meeting women like me who are trying to make a difference and have similar interests is so empowering.  When I compete, I represent my sponsors and all who believe in me.  When I win, I take on representing my fellow contestants as well.  These are amazing women and I am honored to serve as their title holder for the next year.

I got sick on the way to orientation, so the weekend was a bit of a blur thanks to the cold meds that kept me going.  My fellow contestants were super supportive, and the judges were able to see beyond my froggy voice and hear the message I have to share.  My next year will be an amazing adventure and I look forward to every bit!

One of the highlights was getting to be on stage with my husband.  He got to escort me in evening gown and come up right after crowning.  It was really special for us and fitting since everything I do with my title I do with him!


4.22.17 Cherryland Humane Society BBQ

Cherryland Humane Society is where I got my start in Traverse City.  Volunteering there changed my life and set me on a mission of rescue and awareness for shelter animals.  We now foster dogs, educate the public on rescues and help raise money for multiple animal rescue organizations.  I took the family to the volunteer appreciation day and helped celebrate the people to make a difference for Michigan animals every day!